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The sugar and alcohol sector has a greater share in agricultural exports from SP

OThe sugar and alcohol sector once again had the largest share of São Paulo's agribusiness exports, at 35.3%, an increase of 24.7% in values ​​and 5.4% in foreign sales volumes.

The numbers, referring to the period from January to September this year, were presented by the São Paulo Agribusiness Technology Agency, based on research by the Institute of Agricultural Economics (IEA-APTA), linked to the State Department of Agriculture and Supply.

This increase is due to the increase in sugar exports (28.2% in value and 4.5% in volume), in addition to the 22.5% appreciation in the average price of the commodity in the period. As for alcohol (ethanol), shipments increased by 16.1% in volume and 5.7% in value.

The sugar and alcohol complex totaled US$7.23 billion in exports, with sugar representing 86.9% and ethanol, 13.1%.

The main buyers were: China (11.3%), Nigeria (7.0%), Morocco (6.1%), India (5.6%), Saudi Arabia (5.5%), European Union (5 .1%), Bangladesh (5.0%), South Korea (4.7%), Algeria (4.4%) and the United States (4.3%).

The group made up of the soybean complex came in second place, with a positive performance in shipments (+10.4%) and a drop in values ​​(-2.2%).

Agribusiness in the State of São Paulo had a surplus of US$16.62 billion between January and September this year, 7.5% higher compared to the same period of the previous year.


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