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Sugarcane harvest in May has lower ATR due to rains

The May numbers of the Olho na Safra bulletin, prepared by the Sugarcane Technology Center (CTC), indicate ATR (Total Recoverable Sugar) of 123 kg/t of cane in the Center-South region, lower than the previous harvest ( 130 kg/t of cane in 2021/2022). The drop is a reflection of the higher volumes of rain observed at the beginning of the season, according to CTC technicians.

The sugarcane productivity verified in May 2022, of 76 tons of sugarcane per hectare, is very close to that observed in 2021/2022, of 77 tons per hectare.

Once again, the negative highlight in both productivity and ATR is from Mato Grosso do Sul, where there was a reduction in yield mainly due to the effect of frost and drought in the 2021/2022 harvest. The high volumes of rain in April and May contributed to the low ATR in the state.

The positive highlight is the region of Goiás, where the drought in the past harvest had less impact on the sugarcane fields, when compared to other regions in the center-south.


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