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Sugarcane: free tool analyzes the best harvest point

Technology intends to help the producer to identify the quality levels of the crop before it reaches the industry

The new harvest of Brazilian sugarcane will feature something new. Ihara is launching the Caminhos da Maturação program, which will visit properties across the country to monitor, in the field, the main quality indicators of the grass.

The company's Regional Marketing manager for culture, Thiago Duarte, explains that the objective is to support producers in decision-making and forwarding raw materials with the highest possible sugar content and therefore greater added value to the mills. .

“Free consultancy will be offered in the field, and tests capable of revealing, in a matter of moments, whether the sugarcane is already at the best point for harvesting, or whether it is still feasible to act to increase this maturation. We will have, in real time, indicators such as sugar concentration, AR fiber content (Reducing Sugar) and sugarcane moisture in each block, which will allow us to assess which batches are of higher quality and should be harvested earlier, or which ones can still be harvested. be managed to achieve better results”.

Duarte also explains that, today, this test is done in laboratories and takes three to four days

field technology

Initially, the Caminhos da Maturação project will be focused exclusively on areas using the Riper product, Ihara's high-performance systemic maturator. In the first weeks of the year, the teams of consultants and field technicians will begin an intense schedule of visits to the most diverse producing regions.

Thus, in direct contact with the plant, the portable equipment is capable of analyzing the percentages of hydrogen and carbon present in the compositions, being able to measure AR%, POL, PURITY, BRIX, FIBER AND ATR. This reading is processed through a pairing with a cell phone application, with instant results. In this way, it is possible to act with agility where there is still opportunity for the use of the ripener to provide gains in production quality.

How does the Riper ripener work?

Ripeners are products that act as plant vegetative growth regulators, redirecting this energy towards ripening and sucrose production.

Riper is a systemic ripener from Ihara, which acts on sugarcane promoting maturation, increasing the sucrose content in the stalks and increasing sugar productivity

Climate conditions

One of the main factors that keep the producer awake at night in extracting the maximum potential for maturation of the crop is related to the climate. When climatic conditions are not ideal for the natural maturation of sugarcane to occur and the accumulation of sucrose is unsatisfactory, the application of ripeners is recommended, which can be done at the beginning of the harvest to reduce the rate of vegetative growth, in the middle of the harvest to enhance the maturation process in regions with rainy autumn and winter, and at the end of the harvest to inhibit the resumption of vegetative growth, keeping the sucrose content high for a longer period and enabling the harvest of better raw material quality.

Riper's main feature is its application flexibility, and can be used at the beginning, middle or end of the harvest, with application from 15 to 45 days before harvest, impacting the least possible impact on productivity and extracting the maximum amount of TAH (Tons of Sugar per hectare).

“The proper management of the harvest using ripeners increases the quality of the raw material and industrial yield, being able to increase the ATR content from 4 to 8% and the sector as a whole benefits from this productivity”, concludes Duarte.

Source: canalrural


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