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Satellite surveillance system helped agricultural company avoid 168 fires

The use of a satellite surveillance platform would have allowed the company BrasilAgro to prevent 168 fires on its farms between May and December last year.

The technology issues alerts when fire is detected in neighboring properties.

“By means of a temperature sensor, the satellite identifies the initial focus of the fire, generates an alert and our entire team is immediately notified”, says BrasilAgro operations manager, Luiz Otávio Longo, in a statement.

According to the company, each time a new alert arrives on BrasilAgro's cell phones, tablets or computers, a team of firefighters is mobilized and directed to the location.

To ensure this efficiency in preventing and fighting fires, the company reported having doubled the brigade strength in some properties. “This is the case of São José, in Maranhão, causing only two outbreaks to affect our crops this year, impacting only 20 hectares”, he states.

Last harvest, BrasilAgro faced fires on this farm that affected around 4 thousand hectares of sugar cane. The company dedicated 33 thousand hectares to the crop in the 2023/24 harvest, around 14% of the total area.

“Our goal now is to insert monitoring cameras in the crops to make this surveillance even more efficient, in addition to maintaining the collective surveillance network with neighbors, which also helps a lot,” says Longo.

BrasilAgro also implemented automatic fire-fighting kits on machines operating within the sugarcane field. The system has an electronic device that activates a fire extinguisher when it detects a fire in the engine.

“In addition to ensuring quality in production, these investments in technology and firefighting teams also guarantee greater sustainability, as our teams also help prevent fire incidents in neighboring areas, such as parks and protection areas”, informs the manager of health, safety and environment at BrasilAgro, Liana Machado Gama.



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