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Rural producers invest in plant cane management, increase productivity and reduce costs

Although it is considered an easy crop to manage, sugarcane is far from being a simple activity to deal with, at least for those seeking high profitability. It is precisely in the most expensive operation of the activity that the starting point is to achieve high productivity and increase the longevity of the cane field. Coopercitrus provides opportunities for farmers to improve their results in terms of productivity and production costs.

Rural producers who invest in precision agriculture and in the management of the sugarcane-plant phase have guaranteed excellent results. This is the case of the Garcia family, which increased productivity by 30% in the area of ​​220 hectares of sugarcane in Coroados, SP. “This year was the first planting we invested in technology and we followed the management recommended by Coopercitrus. We intend to continue investing in more technology and better management. Our estimate is that the results will improve even more in the next harvest”, projects Rodrigo Fabrício, who manages the property.

Careful care in the cultivation ensured that the farming couple Zezinho and Nara Ravazzi, from Catanduva, SP, made a leap in the quality and longevity of the sugarcane field. “Today, we have sugarcane with six, seven and even 12 cuts, but we already had 15”, says Zezinho, who reached an average production of 100 tons of sugarcane per hectare in the 2021 harvest, even facing frost. “The planting has to be done well, because it's like building a house, if you do the wrong foundation, it will cause problems” reiterates the producer.

In the last two years, the cooperative member invested in the systematization of the area with the GeoCoopercitrus Vant. With this service, the producer was able to make better use of the planting area, placing more cane per hectare, in addition to reducing maneuvers in mechanized operations. Satisfied with the results in the field, Zezinho will continue investing in technologies to optimize costs. “In the next harvest, we will work with Geofert, to analyze the soil with georeferencing and then make a more efficient correction”, he plans. By strictly following all the guidelines and planning inputs with the cooperative team, the cooperative member managed to save 30% in production costs in the last harvest, increasing profitability.

Planting and management of plant cane is the most important stage of the crop, as it directly interferes with productivity, longevity and production costs. “Cane-plant is the biggest cost per hectare that the producer will have to carry out in the year. This is an investment that will have effects that can last for the entire crop cycle (on average six years). So, if the producer does not invest in the beginning of planting, in addition to not having the desired results in terms of productivity, he may spend even more to replant or even have to renew the cane field sooner”, analyzes the sugarcane specialist from Coopercitrus , Adriano Veronez.

The challenge, therefore, is to gain efficiency, produce more, making better use of the areas, rationalizing costs and maintaining soil quality, with low impact on the environment. A good planting, according to Veronez, requires proper soil preparation and nutritional management: “Carrying out surveys of production environments and soil analysis to understand how the area is physically and chemically is fundamental for the success of production.

Coopercitrus makes new technologies closer and more accessible to members. Equipped with specialized services and a qualified technical team, the cooperative offers a complete portfolio of precision agriculture services available to rural producers.

Discover some of these solutions.


What is it: Georeferenced Soil Sampling Service

What it is for: Collecting soil samples at georeferenced points, generating fertility maps, which indicate the characteristics and variability of the soil in each region of the property. It is ideal to promote a more efficient correction, improve the management of inputs and increase the productive potential per area.

GeoCoopercitrus Vant

What it is: Service focused on planting systematization through images generated by Vant (unmanned aerial vehicle).

What it's for: To capture, through a flight through the property, georeferenced aerial images, which will give rise to maps and high definition orthomosaics. With the systematization, it is possible to survey the entire planialtimetric of the area, design a better planting direction to increase the productive area, trace routes for mechanized operations to reduce machine maneuvers and simulate runoff flow to combat erosion.

application of concealers

What is it: Fixed or variable rate soil amendment service

What it's for: Precisely and intelligently apply the inputs, which are distributed in the right dose, directly in the lines, avoiding waste and maximizing the productive potential of the crops.

spray drone

What it is: Drone-based spraying

What it is for: Apply pesticides at the exact location of weed infestations, using georeferenced mapping data. In addition, optimize the use of pesticides and control areas that are difficult to access, with precision in operations, speed and better cost-benefit.


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