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Rain delays crushing and favors sugar prices inside and outside Brazil

The rains that have been ravaging a large part of the Center-South of Brazil, the world's largest sugar producer, have disrupted the crushing of cane and interrupted processing at numerous mills, which, according to analysts, favored the rise in commodity prices this Thursday. fair (6).

In New York, on ICE Futures, raw sugar prices closed higher yesterday, with the March/23 maturity contracted at 18.46 cents per pound, an appreciation of 51 points, or 2.8%, in the comparison with yesterday's prices. On the other hand, the screen May/23 rose 39 points, contracted at 17.48 cts/lb. The other lots rose between 4 and 30 points.

white sugar

In London, on ICE Futures Europe, Thursday was also bullish for all white sugar lots. The December/22 maturity rose 16.70 dollars, with the ton traded at US$ 551.30. The March/23 canvas was contracted at US$ 507.00 a ton, an appreciation of US$ 11.50. Other contracts rose between $3.10 and $9.10.

Crystal Sugar

In the domestic market, the Cepea/Esalq indicator, from USP, also increased this Thursday, with a 50-kilogram bag of crystal type being negotiated by the mills at R$125.68, up 0.19% in comparison with prices. performed on Wednesday.

Hydrous ethanol

Hydrous ethanol, on the other hand, recorded its second consecutive day of rise by the Paulínia Daily Indicator. Yesterday, the biofuel was traded by the plants at R$ 2,676.50 per m³, against R$ 2,659.50 per m³ practiced on the previous day, an appreciation of 0.64% in the comparison between the days.



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