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Proper supervision management can extend the useful life of the sugarcane field

During the 10th edition of Coplacampo, producers and professionals in the sector will be able to learn about Lindsay's pivots and technologies to irrigate with more precision and less waste

The sugar-energy sector remains strong in Brazil and each year gains greater prominence. According to data from the Sugarcane and Bioenergy Industry Union (Unica), in the 2023/2024 harvest, for example, crushing reached 646.05 million tons, compared to 543.14 million tons recorded in the same period in the 2022/2023 cycle, an increase of 18.95%.

To make the sector and sugarcane growers even more efficient, the adoption of technologies is essential. With the aim of bringing the most modern innovation to the producing class, the São Paulo State Sugarcane Planters Cooperative (Coplacana) will hold Coplacampo. The event takes place between February 26th and March 1st, from 8am to 5pm, in Piracicaba/SP.

According to Juan Latorre, sales manager at Lindsay América Latina, a company represented by the Zimmatic™ and FieldNET™ brands, who will be present at the event, Coplacampo is a very strategic and important fair for São Paulo, after all, 70% of production in the State is targeted at the sector. “We are already strong in other crops, such as soybeans, corn, beans and citrus, and sugarcane is where we want to explore more and more. It is also a segment that has less adherence to the adoption of a central pivot for irrigation as one of the main vectors for increasing productivity. Therefore, there are many opportunities”, says the professional.

Currently, many producers use only conventional sprinkler irrigation in their sugarcane fields. This management basically consists of directing a cannon connected to a reservoir to the crop, which applies water or performs fertigation. This technique even brings a certain fertility to the soil, but without any concern with precision or the real needs of the plant.

According to a specialist from Lindsay, given this scenario, the pivot is an excellent alternative to localized irrigation, as when analyzing the investment of reais per hectare, the implementation of the equipment becomes more economical. “Our job is to show how much this technology can bring back to the sugarcane field. We have data of an average increase in productivity of around 30% with adequate irrigation management”, he mentions.

Another important benefit from using the pivot is related to the longevity of the sugarcane field. While on average renovations are carried out every seven years, with efficient management and correct use of water, with the pivot, it is possible to extend this lifespan to up to 12 years without losing productivity. “Our technologies, such as FieldNET and FieldNET Advisor, help producers in this mission, providing accurate management of water use and better decision-making”, highlights Latorre.

Correct decisions

To facilitate irrigation management for producers, helping to make more assertive decisions, FieldNET Advisor is an important ally. The tool was developed to simplify information and offers recommendations on when, where and how much to irrigate. Its advantage is that it is fully integrated with FieldNET (Lindsay's remote management technology makes it possible to monitor irrigation on any brand of pivot).

Another difference is that the solution provides the correct recommendation to the producer, that is, it will actually apply the amount of water necessary, without waste, maintaining the soil humidity necessary for each plant in the sugarcane field. Another possibility is to program the tool to operate with limited supply, so the system will automatically choose the best times to irrigate so that the crop does not go into stress at the most sensitive times.

To achieve this, the system's technology will automatically calculate and divide how much water is available throughout the harvest to carry out irrigation at the most critical moments. In cases of low supply, in long periods of drought, for example, the system already recommends irrigation when it really becomes necessary. This way, there will be a guarantee that there will be enough water for crops at all times. However, it is important to highlight that the focus of technology is not just to reduce water consumption but to optimize its use, producing more using the necessary resource.

Business opportunities

Coplacampo is an important opportunity for rural producers to learn about new developments in the sector and do business with the main agricultural companies. In the 2023 edition, the event generated more than R$500 million and expectations for this year are even greater. The success of the event is attributed to the work that Coplacana carries out with its members.

According to Latorre, Coplacana is an exclusive distributor of Lindsay, a partnership of almost three years that has been bringing good results. This agreement aims to encourage members to adopt new technologies to seek greater efficiency, productivity and economic gains. “As members become more tech-savvy, the cooperative becomes more representative and everyone benefits,” he says.

During the event, Coplacana and Lindsay's technical team will be on site to provide full support to visitors. “In addition to technologies for sugarcane, visitors will also be able to see our solutions for other crops, such as complex grains and citrus, which are also strong in the region”, concludes the professional.


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