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Nova Era Bioenergia expands the market for bottled products and grows 17% in November

Liquid alcohol 70th INPM recorded growth of 31.10% in November sales. (Photo: Gleiciane Amaral)

Nova Era Bioenergia, a plant specialized in the production of ethanol, continues to grow and in the month of November recorded a 17% increase in revenue from its line of packaged products, which comprises eight items. In the liquid line, they are: traditional 46° INPM alcohol 1l, 46° lavender alcohol 1l, 70° INPM alcohol 1l and 6l and 92.8% INPM alcohol 1l. In the gel line, they are: 70° INPM gel alcohol of 440 g and 5 kg.

This increase is even greater when compared to the month of November 2020. Sales of the filling in November this year, compared to the same period last year, show a growth of 4,762.72%.

For the Operations Director of Nova Era Bioenergia, Guilherme Martinez, this increase also reflects the high demand for products to be used in the fight against the pandemic.

“It is extremely important for the population to continue taking care of itself, and the growth in sales volume in November shows that society is still worried about the pandemic. This increase shows us that companies are maintaining, and even redoubling, care with Covid-19. At a time of emergence of new strains, we need to remain vigilant”, explains the Director.

Among the eight options of bottled products made available by the distillery to the market, liquid alcohol 70° INPM is the main highlight, registering a growth of 31.10% in November sales compared to October sales.

New business

The emergence of the Nova Era Bioenergia line of packaged products emerged with the pandemic, in March 2020, as a bet on a new market that gained greater relevance with the emergence of Covid-19.

According to the director of operations, the time was for innovation and seeking new business as a means of circumventing the economic crisis that was taking hold in the country with the Covid-19 pandemic.

“The moment was of extreme concern with self-care and the economy. So, given that, we evaluated what we could do to contribute to the moment and explore new business opportunities. Investing in bottled alcohol was the best initiative we found, as we produce exactly the product used for disinfection and generate more jobs for our city. We were faced with a time when, to expand the company, we needed innovation and appreciation of market opportunities”, the Director details.

Since Nova Era bet on this new market, more than 4 million liters of ethyl alcohol and more than 200 thousand kg of gel alcohol have been produced. According to Guilherme, the idea is to continue to scale this market and establish new customers.

“Our focus is to expand the packaging sector by increasing the line with new products and, consequently, expanding the production volume and generating new jobs. We know that the pandemic is not over yet and we provide the entire market with a strong ally in the fight against Covid-19”, concludes Guilherme.

About the New Era Bioenergy

Founded by José Roberto Monte in 2005, Nova Era Bioenergy is headquartered at Fazenda Santa Helena, located in Ibaté (SP), 248 km from São Paulo. It is a plant specialized in the production of various types of special ethanol for industrial purposes.

Years of research and large investments in technology have resulted in products of the highest quality, winning the preference and recognition of the main national and multinational industries.

Among our clients, we highlight the companies NIVEA, GOL COMBUSTÍVEIS, ASTECA, SUN CHEMICAL, ZARAPLAST, BRASILUX, ARBOR, MEMPHIS, SIEGWERK, among others.

Our laboratory performs analyzes and controls the quality of the ethanol produced, complying with international standards and requirements. The entire production process is closely monitored by a highly technical team, ensuring the accuracy of the results. The entire distribution process undergoes rigorous logistics planning that optimizes deadlines and reduces costs.

Our main objective is excellence, we are a national reference in quality and efficiency in all our processes. This fact is proven by the composition of our products, care throughout the production process, customer service and the certainty of satisfaction of all involved: suppliers, employees, customers and the community.


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