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National Sugarcane Forum is renamed Bioenergia Brasil

Bioenergy is one of the keywords for Brazil's and the world's energy future. Now, it is also the new brand and name adopted by the National Sucroenergetic Forum, which is now known as Bioenergia Brasil.

The formal debut of the new name, brand and website took place this Wednesday (23/08), during the launch of the Ethanol Parliamentary Front, scheduled for the headquarters of the Confederation of Agriculture and Livestock of Brazil (CNA), in Brasília.

For the president of Bioenergia Brasil, Mário Campos, the transition to the new identity is symbolic: “In addition to demonstrating the maturity of a group that celebrates 20 years working together for the development of the sector, the change comes at a time of energy transition, in which it is essential that Brazil prioritize the path of biofuels, which are our country's vocation”, he says.

Campos, who also presides over the Association of Sugar and Energy Industries of Minas Gerais (Siamig), highlights the great opportunity that the Tax Reform can represent for the use of ethanol throughout the country.

“We have to take advantage of the implementation of the single rate to make ethanol consumption grow in all regions, no longer just focusing on the main producing states”, he added.

For the institution's leadership, the name Bioenergia Brasil conveys more precisely the entity's reality, a truly national representative with presence in all bioenergy producing states in the country. At the same time, it opens the door for the different energy sources, which are growing in Brazil and in the world in the context of bioenergies, to walk together. “Bioenergia Brasil was born at a stimulating moment in the history of the country and biofuels”, concluded Campos.

The new Bioenergia Brasil website, which is already online, includes news sections, opinion articles, events of interest to the sector and records of the entity's presence in the media.

Among the writers participating in the site's debut are federal deputy Arnaldo Jardim (PPS-SP), the president of the consultancy DATAGRO, Plínio Nastari, the advisor for innovation and technology at Embrapa, Miguel Ivan Lacerda de Oliveira, former director of biofuels of the Ministry of Mines and Energy and a fundamental figure for the development and implementation of RenovaBio and the former executive chairman of Volkswagen Latin America, Pablo Di Si, today president & CEO of the Volkswagen Group of America.

Headquartered in Brasilia, the leadership of Bioenergia Brasil also counts on the vice-president Renato Cunha, also president of the Union of Sugar and Ethanol Producers of Pernambuco (Sindaçúcar-PE), and the executive director Roberto Hollanda Filho, former president of the Association of Bioenergy Producers of Mato Grosso do Sul (Biosul).

Bioenergia Brasil is a non-profit national entity that represents the Brazilian sugar-energy sector at the national level, with the objective of creating and expanding channels of dialogue between industry, government and society. Founded in 2003 as the National Sugar and Alcohol Forum, the entity brings together class associations from 17 Brazilian states representing 214 bioenergy and sugar producing units.



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