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Ethanol sales exceed 3 billion liters in January

Sugarcane crushing in the second half of January in the Center-South region totaled 714.01 thousand tons. In the same period, in the previous year, the quantity processed was 307.30 thousand tons. In the 2023/2024 harvest, crushing reached 646.05 million tons, compared to 543.14 million tons recorded in the same period in the 2022/2023 cycle – an increase of 18.95%.

In the second half of January, 21 production units operated in the Center-South region, six of which processed sugarcane, seven companies that manufacture ethanol from corn and eight flex plants. In the same period, in the 22/23 harvest, 13 production units operated. At the end of the fortnight, one unit closed its crushing, while there are now 249 units. In the previous cycle, until February 1st, 251 plants had finished their processing period.

The quality of the harvested raw material accumulated from the beginning of the harvest until the second half of January, measured in kg of ATR per ton of processed sugar cane, showed a reduction of 1.13% compared to the same period last year. agricultural cycle, reaching 139.54 kg of TRS per ton in this harvest.

Sugar and ethanol production

Sugar production in the second half of January was 28.05 thousand tons. Accumulated since April 1st, the production of the sweetener totals 42.13 million tons, against 33.56 million tons in the previous cycle (+25.52%).

In the second half of January, 313.39 million liters (+46.91%) of ethanol were manufactured by units in the Center-South. Of the total volume produced, hydrated ethanol reached 218.96 million liters (+113.28%), while anhydrous ethanol production totaled 94.43 million liters (+14.66%). In the accumulated since the beginning of the current agricultural cycle until February 1st, biofuel manufacturing totals 32.11 billion liters (+15.05%), of which 19.23 billion are hydrated ethanol (+20.02%) and 12 .88 billion anhydrous (+8.33%).

Of the total ethanol production recorded in the second half of January, 89% came from corn, whose production reached 280.10 million liters this year, against 200.65 million liters in the same period of the 22/23 cycle – an increase of 39 .60%. In total since the beginning of the harvest, corn ethanol production reached 5.17 billion liters – a significant increase of 41.98% compared to the same period last year.

Vendas de etanol

In January 2024, ethanol sales totaled 3.00 billion liters, which represents an increase of 38.22% compared to the same period in the 22/23 harvest. This volume sold, driven by the strong increase in sales of anhydrous and hydrous ethanol in the 2nd half of January, is the highest since October 2020. The volume sold of anhydrous ethanol in the period was 1.11 billion liters – an increase of 1. 34% – while hydrated ethanol recorded sales of 1.89 billion liters – growth of 75.54%.

In the domestic market, sales of hydrous ethanol in January totaled 1.77 billion liters – a variation of 75.59% compared to last year. The sale of anhydrous ethanol, in turn, was 1.03 billion liters – an increase of 6.48%. With this result, the volume sold on the domestic market surpassed the 2.8 billion liter mark, the highest since October 2019.

The result reverberates the competitiveness of biofuel at the pumps that has been going on for months. Last week, ANP data showed an average parity of 61.7% between the price of hydrous and C gasoline.

In the 23/24 harvest, ethanol sales total 26.95 billion liters, representing an increase of 9.37%. Hydrous comprises a volume of sales of 16.27 billion liters (+15.68%), while anhydrous 10.68 billion (+0.99%).


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