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Ethanol production reaches 1.77 billion liters in the first half of October

Of the total manufactured by the Center-South units, 1.04 billion liters refers to hydrated ethanol and 729.94 million liters to anhydrous ethanol

In the first fifteen days of October, 1.77 billion liters (27.82%) of ethanol were manufactured by units in the Center-South. Of the total volume produced, hydrated ethanol reached 1.04 billion liters (+54.12%), while anhydrous ethanol production totaled 729.94 million liters (+2.76%), according to data from Unica.

In the accumulated period since the beginning of the current agricultural cycle until October 16, the production of biofuel totals 25.21 billion liters (+10.00%), of which 14.86 billion are hydrated ethanol (+8.97%) and 10 .35 billion anhydrous (+11.53%).

Of the total ethanol production recorded in the first half of October, 16% came from corn, whose production was 282.22 million liters this year, compared to 174.74 million liters in the same period of the 22/23 cycle – an increase of 61.51%.



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