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Ethanol/Cepea: Year starts with low liquidity

The first week of 2023 ended with prices for hydrous and anhydrous ethanol falling. Between January 2nd and 6th, the weekly CEPEA/ESALQ Indicator for hydrous ethanol in the producing segment of the state of São Paulo closed at R$ 2.8092/liter (net of ICMS and PIS/Cofins – zeroed rate), a decrease of 2. 77% compared to the previous period. For anhydrous, the CEPEA/ESALQ Indicator closed at R$ 3.2284/liter, value net of taxes (PIS/Cofins – zeroed rate), a less intense decrease of 0.34%. According to agents consulted by Cepea, sales of gasoline at the pumps still stand out over ethanol due to the competitive price advantage, which justifies the devaluation of the biofuel in recent days. According to data from the ANP (National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels), between January 1st and 7th, fossil fuel was more competitive than ethanol in all Brazilian states, with an average of R$ 5.07/liter, against BRL 3.94/liter for ethanol.


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