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DATAGRO Conference: With ethanol as a protagonist, Brazil is a key player in global decarbonization

In the last two days (24th and 25th), the 22nd DATAGRO International Conference on Sugar and Ethanol highlighted, to around 1,200 in-person participants, the constant technological evolution of the sugarcane segment, which has resulted in the generation of new products, mainly energetic.

During the event, the president of DATAGRO, Plinio Nastari, emphasized that the sugar-energy sector's portfolio now includes sugar, ethanol and bioenergy, novelties, including biogas/biomethane, coal from the bagasse sugarcane and the possibility of green hydrogen from ethanol -- all renewable energy products.

The country's ability to generate energy from different sources was also highlighted by the president of Anfavea, Márcio de Lima Leite, in a panel. He said that the future of sustainable mobility in Brazil should contemplate various technological routes.

These energy alternatives provided by the sector in Brazil meet the decarbonization goals of several governments around the world, which currently use non-renewable sources of energy due to the crisis caused by the confrontation between Russia and Ukraine.

For the 22nd year, and this year in front of participants from India, Germany, Argentina, Switzerland, Colombia, Costa Rica, New Zealand, United States, Japan and Mexico, the traditional DATAGRO International Conference on Sugar and Ethanol maintains its commitment to bring together the main leaders and representatives of the international sugar and energy sectorreforçando oportunidades de mercado em todo o mundo, divulgando novas tecnologias e compartilhando know-how brasileiro e fundamentos para estratégia setorial do país que é o maior produtor e exportador mundial de açúcar.


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