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CTC to launch its seventh genetically modified sugarcane variety

The sugarcane sector can count on the availability of another transgenic cultivar soon. The National Biosafety Technical Commission (CTNBio) issued a favorable opinion for the commercial release of a new variety from the Sugarcane Technology Center (CTC).

An extract of the document, signed by the president of CTNBio, Paulo Augusto Barroso, was published in the Official Gazette of last Wednesday, 27th.

“CTNBio, after analyzing the request referring to the commercial release of sugarcane genetically modified for insect resistance, concluded by deferring it for the purpose of its release into the environment, commercialization, consumption and any other activities related to this genetically modified organism. , existing vegetative propagation material and progeny derived therefrom”.

iStill according to the opinion, CTC-92015-7 – which has not yet had its trade name disclosed – was genetically modified to express the Cry1Ac protein, which confers resistance to Diatraea saccharalis, popularly known as sugarcane borer. In addition, she also received the NptII protein, which is used to tag genetically transformed organisms.



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