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CTC launches three sugarcane varieties in 2023

The Sugarcane Technology Center (CTC) will offer producers three new varieties of sugarcane next year, two of them aimed at restrictive environments, where the market has the greatest shortage of cultivars.

“The expectation with the launches of the CTC9008, CTC3445 and CTC9009 is to establish a new level of productivity in relation to the materials currently available”, says Luiz Antonio Paes, CTC's commercial director.

CTC9008 is a variety that will complement the company's portfolio and expand the number of options available for use in the most challenging (restrictive) environments, serving mainly the beginning and middle of the harvest. Its highlights are high productivity and high tillering, characteristics that will favor the longevity of the cane field in the field.

The CTC3445 meets the growing market demand for varieties adapted for harvesting at the end of the season in environments with lower production potential. Extremely rustic, the variety presents important agronomic characteristics of a sugarcane for management in the middle and end of the harvest, such as fast growth and the absence of flowering.

And the CTC9009, whose main highlight is its high sugar content, should be targeted for use in the best production environments. It expands CTC's portfolio to early-season crops, another important market segment eager for new materials.

The variety also presents excellent adaptation to mechanized planting and harvesting and a long Useful Processing Period (PUI), allowing its harvest to be extended until the middle of the harvest.

According to Luiz Paes, the CTC's Genetic Improvement program has a high level of demand with regard to releases. "New varieties must exceed a productivity rule established by the main options on the market, in addition to not presenting diseases", says the commercial director.

In Camamu, Bahia, the CTC Hybridization Station – the birthplace of the Company's Genetic Improvement – ​​houses the largest bank of sugarcane culture germplasm, enabling the company to obtain the best crossings, targeting specific characteristics to meet the most different demands of the producing regions of Brazil.

To increase the knowledge of producers and mills about new varieties and technologies, the CTC has promoted Regional Technical Meetings in several regions. On these occasions, users of CTC technologies and company representatives exchange information on best management practices, market dynamics and climate aspects that may impact the next harvest.

“The CTC has transformed the sugar-energy sector, delivering quality services and disruptive technologies to the market. Far beyond simply selling new varieties of sugarcane, the company values ​​the offer of genetic solutions combined with biotechnology to sugarcane mills and producers,” says Paes.


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