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Chamber approves energy transition incentive project

This week, the Plenary of the Chamber of Deputies approved Bill 5174/23, which creates the Energy Transition Acceleration Program (Paten) and establishes instruments for its regulation in Brazil.

The main objective is to promote the financing of sustainable development projects, especially those related to infrastructure, technological research and the development of technological innovation. This scope includes projects related to second-generation ethanol, biomethane and green hydrogen, among others.

“Paten is essential to guarantee legal security for investments in renewable energy, contributing to a fairer and more sustainable future”, stated the president of UNICA, Evandro Gussi. “This step demonstrates, once again, the National Congress’ commitment to the environmental agenda”, he highlighted.

Author of the proposal, deputy Arnaldo Jardim (Cidadania-SP) estimates the amount of tax credits from the Union and taxpayers that could be used in energy transition projects at R$3.5 trillion (35% of the Brazilian GDP in 2022).

Jardim argues that, despite the country's vocation for the development of renewable energy, investments are lower than those in North America and Europe which, according to the parliamentarian, apply resources equivalent to 43% of Brazilian GDP in this area. “Enabling the use of such resources is essential to encourage productive investment in strategic areas”, reinforced Jardim.

The bill now goes to the Senate.



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