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Areas with 30% sugarcane stumps attacked by Sphenophorus levis should be refurbished immediately

Sphenophorus levis (S levis) is one of the main pests of sugarcane. Areas with more than 30% of stumps attacked by the pest should go for renovation immediately, to reduce population pressure in neighboring areas. It is necessary to eliminate the stumps.

To carry out the mechanical destruction of ratoons, two important aspects must be considered in this operation: the time of execution and the correct use of the agricultural implement. As the biological forms are concentrated in the clumps, this operation must be carried out in the dry period (must work by raising dust) and mild temperatures of the year, when there is a greater concentration of larvae and other biological forms, pupae and adults.

Before mechanically destroying ratoons, glyphosate must be applied. The ratoon eliminator must pass in alternating strips, with a return in 15 days for the good drying of the plant material and the action of predators (mainly caracaras).



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