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Neutral Ethanol

This is the variation of Ethanol intended for human or veterinary consumption, as it is free from any impurity. Widely used in the beverage, food, pharmaceutical and medicinal products industry.

Extraneutral Ethanol

Developed for specific applications, Extraneutral Ethanol is even more refined and refined than the neutral version. According to use and legislation, it must be denatured.

Hydrous ethanol

It is composed of approximately 96% Ethanol and 4% Water. It is applied in the manufacture of beauty products, deodorants, industrial detergents, dyes and solvents.

Anhydrous Ethanol

It is the most concentrated form of pure Ethanol, reaching 99.6% alcohol content. The word “anhydrous” has Greek origin and means “without water” (a = no and hydro = water).

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