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Our story


Founded by José Roberto Monte in 2005, Nova Era Bioenergy is headquartered at Fazenda Santa Helena, located in Ibaté (SP), 248 km from São Paulo. We are a plant specialized in the production of various types of special ethanol for industrial purposes. Years of research and large investments in technology have resulted in products of the highest quality, winning the preference and recognition of the main national and multinational industries.

Among our clients, we highlight the companies GOL COMBUSTÍVEIS, ASTECA, ZARAPLAST, BRASILUX, ARBOR, MEMPHIS, among others.


Our laboratory performs analyzes and controls the quality of the ethanol produced, complying with international standards and requirements.

The entire production process is closely monitored by a highly technical team, ensuring the accuracy of the results. The entire distribution process undergoes rigorous logistics planning that optimizes deadlines and reduces costs.

Our main objective is excellence, we are a national reference in quality and efficiency in all our processes. This fact is proven by the composition of our products, care throughout the production process, customer service and the certainty of satisfaction of all involved: suppliers, employees, customers and the community.


Industrial park

Nova Era_0072_26032021.png

Extensive covered area

2 Vertical boilers for steam generation

8 stainless steel tanks with a total capacity of 6,670m3

2 Tanks of 300m3 each

2 Tanks of 320m3 each

1 Tank of 580m3

2 Tanks of 1'500m3

1 Tank of 1'850m3

Complete analysis laboratory


The quality of our products is attested and guaranteed daily, through analyses, studies and follow-ups.


Equipped with technologies such as:

Chromatographic analyzes and various tests, which guarantee us excellent results and ethanols of unparalleled purity.


All technical procedures comply with the requirements and norms of the ISO 9001:2015 international quality standard.

Nova Era_0053_26032021.jpg

ISO 9001

The Quality Control Laboratory has ISO 9001 Certification, and the operation certifications are in the implementation process, in the documental phase.

Production and Investments

3 cópia.jpg

In February 2021, we invested in the expansion of our industrial park, with the objective of expanding the production of neutral ethanol from the current 50,000m³ to 120,000m³ per year, meeting the increase in demand from the pharmaceutical market and the food and beverage industry.


Since May 2021 we are producing Neutral Anhydrous Alcohol with 99% ethanol volume at 20 degrees Celsius, processed with molecular sieve.

We are investing in the expansion of energy cogeneration capacity to 2,500KW/hour from January 2022, with a turbo generator with a capacity of 3,000kva

Logistics and Export



We are located just 350km from the port of Santos, in a strategic point for the flow and distribution of all our production.

We have our own fleet of stainless steel trucks equipped for loading and unloading, dedicated to transporting ethanol.

Safety in the transport of products is guaranteed through training of our team, monitoring and tracking of the fleet and contracting Cargo Insurance.


We have been serving the foreign market in the supply of neutral alcohol to Europe, Asia and Africa since June 2020. In 2020, more than 15 million liters were exported and the expectation for 2021 is to double the goal.

We export bulk products through Isotanks in trucks and/or ships, ensuring safety and maintaining quality until their final destination.


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